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To get into the spirit of celebrating the Thai New Year we at Jaspal Tailors would like to offer not only our expert tailoring advice but an extra special deal for our valued clients. Between 20 April to 31 May 2015 – order one tailor made shirt at the normal price and receive any additional shirts on that order for a Happy Thai New Year 15% discount.

IMG_0708Here is the answer to one of the many questions we get asked by our clients.

What is “ply” and thread count?

Ply indicates the thickness of a thread with which the fabric is woven. It is the number of yarns twisted together to make a single thread. 2 ply means 2 fabric threads twisted together to form a single thread to be woven to a fabric. Thread count refers to the number of fabric threads woven together per square inch of fabric.

Fabrics with high thread count and ply are more expensive to produce. This is your choice of fabric if you prefer your shirts silky, soft and thin. However, thread count is only one factor.

threadcount2The weave of the fabric, the ply and the mill where the fabric is made, are also important factors to consider. For thicker material, we recommend thread counts from 60s to 80s. 200s though more comfortable are more expensive and usually thinner.

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