Despite the showers of rain and occasional thunderstorm, custom has not waned at KhaoLak Mini Golf but in fact, has picked up! There’s nothing more invigorating or exciting that playing a round of golf amidst the temple ruins and tropical jungle setting and everyone’s being trying to sink their hole in one!

In our recent posts we have indicated that we are adding some extra attractions to our mini golf complex which should be open to the public by high season. We are pleased to announce that our Maze / Labyrinth and Orchid Garden is currently under construction and that there will be some added extra special features to absolutely amaze and surprise you!


This month’s tip for our would-be Arnold Palmers & Tiger Woods – Focus on the hole. Tune out distractions and maintain your concentration. Winning at miniature golf means overcoming annoying little distractions like mosquitoes (a hazard of night play – if you forget to bring your own repellent, that’s not a problem as we sill supply some for you!) and summer thunderstorms or avoiding unplanned obstacles like wandering toddlers or curious wildlife.

There really is nothing better than spending some quality time with your family and friends, so why not reserve your next party or family get together at KLMG by phoning +66(0)76 490692.