Phuket history

Phuket Town old streetPhuket…Its Past, its Present !

Phuket was formerly known as “Bukit” but also had many other names such as Thalang, Telong (meaning cape in Malay), and Junk Sailon It was on the world map ever since the 3rd Century A.D.
It’s only recently, in 1969 that it was officially renamed “Phuket”.

Phuket being an important outpost in the early days was invaded by the Burmese several times. The year 1785 has an important role in modern Phuket history. The centuries-long threat of Burmese aggression came to a bloody conclusion, when a marauding force swept across the island in an attempt to conquer it. Following the death of the governor of (then the capital) Thalang, his grieving widow, Chan, and her sister, Muk, led a group of Thai forces and repelled the invaders.
Disguised as men, their courage terrified the Burmese, who fled north after a seven-week insurgence.
In recognition of their bravery, the sisters were honoured by King Rama I and given the noble titles of Thao (Lady) Thep Kassattri and Thao Srisuntorn. Today, their statues, called the “2 Heroine’s monument” can be seen on the main highway between the Phuket International Airport and Phuket town, and is also on the provincial emblem.
Beaches_PhuketIslands ( Koh ) of Phuket

Phuket is 570 sq kms, with the longest part being 48.7 km and the narrowest part being 21.3 km. It is impossible to get lost in Phuket as the all the roads are interconnected and go around the whole island.

Phuket also has 32 islands. Racha, Khai, Hae (Coral), Maphrao (Coconut), Maithon, and Nakha are some of the better known ones. Another, Koh Sirey is connected to Phuket by a bridge and is the home of some of the earliest inhabitants of Phuket, the Mokans, better known as the Sea Gypsies.
Phuket Island itself is connected to the mainland, Phanga, by 2 bridges, the Sarasin Bridge and the newer Thao Thep Krasatri Bridge.


Tin mining had been a major source of income for the island for a long time, until the fall in tin prices. Later, Phuket’s economy had two main sources, rubber tree plantations & the seafood industry. But these are now overtaken by tourism, and since the 1980s Phuket has become one of the major tourist attractions of Thailand & the world.


Phuket is slowly coming up in the world map as a place with many things to offer.

Holidays and Vacation Homes destination, Incentives and Conferences resorts, one of the world’s top ten dive spots, Cosmetic and Medical Hospitals, World class Spas and massage treatments, easy international flight connections, several golf courses, Yachts and luxury craft marinas, vibrant night life, quiet secluded beaches and honeymoon islands, endless local products shopping, and malls with cinemas and fast food centres.

“Always something for everyone !”